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Hello everyone! It has been a while since my last post here. I missed the blogging world! You might have been wondering what happened to me recently. Well, these past months have been very overwhelming to me. A lot of things happened and a lot of things have changed in my life. Though I’m a self-confessed travel addict and would go any length to explore new territories, there are still other things that I want to achieve aside from traveling. And since I traveled a lot last year and enjoyed Continue reading


Legend of the Seas Asian Cruise ———– Day 1: Singapore

Finally, after the long wait and the sleepless nights (I don’t know why but I find it hard to sleep whenever I get too excited 😀  ) and  after all the days spent daydreaming, I arrived at last in Singapore for my dream cruise vacation. Last November 19th, I flew to Singapore to join an Asian Cruise by Royal Caribbean. That was my first time to go to Singapore and my first time to embark on a ship as well. Honestly speaking, I still have a hangover of my vacation that I just can’t help but still reminisce every moment of it until now. I’m just so glad that finally I already got the time to write this entry as I became busy the past days.


Off to my dream Asian Cruise!

So let me start by narrating how I got myself into this Asian cruise. One day I was surfing the net and suddenly, it popped into my mind to try searching for the price of an Asian Cruise. I thought before that cruising is only for rich people and that the price is definitely out of my reach. However, when I tried searching on the net, I was surprised to find out that the price was somehow reasonable. After finding that out, I couldn’t get it out of my head. Eventually, after some days of thinking and praying, I ended up booking myself on this cruise. I told God that it was my last wish for this year and an early birthday gift for myself as well. Hehe 😀 Initially, I planned to go on this cruise alone because I wanted to reflect about some things (emo mode 😉  ) but the moment my mom heard about my plans she didn’t stop bugging me to book her on this cruise as well 😀 I’m afraid my mom has already been influenced by my travel addiction.

Welcome aboard the Legend of the Seas!

Passenger Capacity: 2,076    Gross Tonnage: 70,000   Length: 867 feet                         Cruising Speed: 24 knots

So join me and my mom as we go on a cruise for the first time. On these entries, I’ll try my best to describe what’s life aboard a luxury ship look like. We booked the 4 NIGHT SOUTHEAST ASIA CRUISE aboard Royal Caribbean Legend of the Seas. Royal Caribbean ( is an international cruise line. It has luxury ships all over Europe and America. Legend of the Seas is the ship that’s based in Asia. The ship brought us to three countries -Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand- so I think somehow the price was already reasonable.  Below was the itinerary of the cruise:

Date Ports of Call Arrival Departure
11-22-2010 SINGAPORE 04:00 PM
11-23-2010 PENANG, MALAYSIA 02:30 PM 10:00 PM
11-24-2010 PHUKET, THAILAND 10:00 AM 09:00 PM
11-25-2010 CRUISING
11-26-2010 SINGAPORE 07:00 AM


Unfortunately, there’s no international cruise ship that departs from Philippines so we needed to fly to Singapore to join the cruise. So as the the story continues, we arrived at Harbourfront on November 22nd to embark on the ship. Check-in started at 1:00pm but there were already a lot of people when we arrived there. Since we already completed our online check-in before arriving in Singapore, we only filled out a few papers. Then, after presenting our seapass and passports at the counter, they gave us our seapass cards. The seapass card will be used like a credit card on the ship because cash payment cannot be used on the ship. Everything on the ship was paid in US dollars and was charged directly on our credit card by using the seapass card. Moreover, the seapass card also serves as the key to our room. After being cleared from the immigration, we finally proceeded to the ship. That time I just couldn’t wait to board the ship 😀

Cruise departure from Harbourfront

At the Cruise Center

Counter Check-in

Mom and I aboard a cruise ship this time

Ready to board the ship
One of the ushers
So excited!!
The ship

I was so excited to get inside the ship. We booked the cheapest room in the ship which is the inner stateroom. Our room doesn’t have any windows yet it looks beautiful enough. It has aircondition, tv, and bathroom.

Our cabin

My bed

The tv and the cabinet

The sofa

The bathroom

The hallway

After arranging our luggage, we immediately went out to explore the ship. We also dropped by at the Windjammers Cafe to have a snack. The cruise price includes the room, all meals (eat all you can!) and entertainments on board so we wanted to make the most out of our stay on the ship.

Having our snack at Windjammers cafe

I love the glass-walled dining room

The beautiful view of the sea

At Windjammers Cafe

Now after eating it’s time to explore the ship! Mom and I strolled around the ship and watched the view as our ship departed from Singapore.  The ship has two swimming pools: one outdoor and one indoor. So for those who are afraid to get their skin burned by the intense heat of the sun you can opt to use the ship’s indoor pool.

The ship's outdoor pool

The Solarium--the ship's indoor pool

Mom already sunbathing

Waiting for the ship to leave the harbor

Mini-golf course on the ship

The Fitness Center -- a good news for those who are weight conscious!

the ship's elevator

the ship's lobby

It’s dinnertime. We tried fine dining at Romeo and Juliet Restaurant. We chose “My Time Dining” so we could dine on anytime we want. Wearing shorts and tank tops are not allowed in the Romeo and Juliet Restaurant during dinner. I was totally impressed by the dining room. Everything looked so classy and the view from the dining room was really superb! One of my favorite things on this ship is the glass-walled dining rooms. Just imagine dining at the middle of the sea and you could even see the other ships passing by. We dined at around 6pm so I could still clearly see the view of sea. It was such a wonderful dinner. I just think that the setting is a perfect romantic dinner for couples. The cruise itself is a perfect honeymoon getaway. Actually, I’m already considering having an Asian cruise for my honeymoon in the future  mrgreen .  We also met our waiters for the night who were very friendly and attentive. They are from India and Romania. The ship has an international crew so you would be meeting a lot of people from different parts of the world.

Fine dining at Romeo and Juliet Restaurant


I just love the view from the dining room!

Mom enjoying her dessert

Can't wait to eat


My first lamb and it really tasted good!


After dinner, we watched a lovely show in That’s Entertainment Theater. We were welcomed by the cruise director, Bobby Brown. He also gave us the stats of the passengers of the ship. About 900 passengers were from Indonesia, putting them in number spot. It’s actually the company outing of Amway, a direct-selling company in Indonesia. Next, in top 2, were the passengers from Singapore. And guess which country landed on the third spot? It’s our motherland, the Philippines. There were over 83 Filipino guests onboard. I guess Filipinos are also into cruising these days 😉  Then, the rest of the passengers came from China, Australia, United States, India, Japan, UK, Ireland and other parts of Europe.

That's Entertainment Theater

Bobby Brown -- the cruise director

The Legend of the Seas performers

Entrance to That's Entertainment Theater

Well, it’s not yet the end of our night after watching the show. There are endless entertainments onboard that you’ll find your time not enough to try all of them. We spent most of our time outside our room. We only used our room to change our clothes and to sleep. After the show, we roamed around the ship again. The ship is just so huge that during the cruise I was not able to explore all the areas of the ship. We also went to deck 10, the outdoor area of the ship to enjoy the night sea breeze!

The Casino

The ship's library

At Deck 10

Enjoying the sea breeze

Before our night ends, we dropped by at the Solarium to have our midnight snack. There’s a Pizza and Burger bar at the solarium. You can order pizzas, hotdogs, burgers, and french fries as many as you want :mrgreen: It’s all for free! I think I gained 5 kilos after this cruise. Haha. You’ll be pampered with endless foods. Everyday on the cruise is like a feast!

Pizza and Burger Bar

Having our midnight snack

I'm so full!

We immediately dozed off after coming back to our room. We needed to gain energy for another day on the ship tomorrow! On Day 2, the ship was bound to Malaysia!

Legend of the Seas Asian Cruise Day 2 at Penang, Malaysia coming up next!! 🙂


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