Legend of the Seas Asian Cruise Day 2: Penang, Malaysia

Our ship's arrival at Penang Harbor

It’s now our second day of sailing to the sea aboard the cruise ship Legend of the Seas. And now, we continued our journey from Singapore to Malaysia Truly Asia!  biggrin We were bound to Penang, a state known as the food capital of Malaysia. I was really excited because it was my first time to visit Malaysia. Our ship left Singapore at around 5pm yesterday and arrived today at 2:30pm in Malaysia. For the complete itinerary of our Asian Cruise please check out Legend of the Seas Asian Cruise Day 1: Singapore

Singapore to Penang, Malaysia by ship

Mom and I woke up early to have our breakfast at Windjammers Cafe. We also ate our lunch at Windjammers Cafe.

There’s a plethora of foods at the Windjammers Cafe from western foods to Asian Cuisine. You could choose from a wide variety of dishes, salads, cakes, soups etc. and you can eat as much as you want!  biggrin We usually ate our breakfast and lunch at the Windjammers Cafe during the cruise.

Reading the Cruise Compass

If you will stay in a cruise ship, one of the important things that you should read is the cruise compass. The cruise compass contains the info about all the activities onboard as well as the arrival and departure time on each port. Everyday our room attendant left a copy of the cruise compass in our cabin.

Booking the land excursions

After eating our lunch, we went to deck 5 to book our shore excursions. The ship offers organized tours upon arrival at each port. However, this is not included in the cruise price. You could decide whether to pay and join the organized tours of the ship or to just explore the country on your own. Our travel agency gave us a free 100 USD onboard credit so we decided to use it and join the organized tours. Onboard credit means the amount of money in our onboard account that is given as an incentive. We could use this to purchase anything in the ship such as spa treatments, wine packages etc. We decided to use this in booking our shore excursions. We also exchanged some of our money to Malaysian ringgit. They have a money changer in the ship so you don’t have to worry if you were not able to exchange your money before the cruise.

Malaysian Ringgit

The tour would leave at 2:30pm so we still had the time to have a picture-taking at deck 4 and 5 of the ship. Hehe biggrin

The Centrum

While at deck 5, we met a Filipino crew in the ship. There are many Filipinos working in the ship. It’s really nice to meet and talk to them.

Filipino crew in the ship

Our ship approaching Malaysia

Finally in Malaysia

Welcome to Penang, Malaysia!

Arrival at Penang Port

We saw another cruise ship docked in the harbor. It's Starcruise Star Pisces.

We only had 7 hours to stay in Malaysia. We should all go back to the ship before 9:30pm. Since our time was limited, we could only go around Penang. Upon arrival at the port some passengers explored the town on their own. Some were fetched by their travel agencies’ buses. As for me and my mom, we joined one of the organized tours of the ship. There were lots of tours to choose from but we chose the tour “Taste of Penang” because it was the cheapest. hehe biggrin

Our tourist bus

Mr. Lee our tour guide in Malaysia

Penang is considered the food capital of Malaysia. The state was colonized by the British a long time ago but the architecture of the buildings still reflects  British influence. It wasn’t an ordinary Islamic town that I thought of. In fact in 2008, George Town, the historical capital of Penang, is considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the unique architecture of the city.

Selamat datang to George Town! (Welcome to George Town!)

The Colonial City of George Town

At George Town

Starbucks in Malaysia

We first went to a Chinese Food Store where they offer a free taste of their products. I really loved their coffee and their chicken soup tea. We bought some pasalubongs here. Next, we went to a shopping mall that looks closely similar to a shopping mall in the Philippines.

Chinese Food Store

A shopping mall in Penang - looks like a mall in the Phils 😀

It was almost past 7pm when we returned to the ship. We saw other passengers coming back to the ship as well.

Coming back to the ship

And look who's waiting for us -- a doggie made by our room attendant

Upon arrival to our cabin, we saw our room very clean and organized. Our room attendant cleaned our room while we were out. He also made a cute dog from our bathroom towels. It made me reluctant to use the towel and break the arrangement. We changed our clothes and got ready for dinner. We dined again at Romeo and Juliet restaurant. My mom and I were excited to eat again wink

At Romeo and Juliet Restaurant

Ready for dinner

After dinner, we went up to deck 10 to watch a live band. We saw some of the guests already dancing and having fun. biggrin

Live band performance

Time to party!

And of course, we didn’t go to bed without having our midnight snack. (hehe… hindi na ata kami natunawan all throughout the cruise)

Midnight Snack from Pizza and Burger Bar

We just stayed at deck 10 and watched the view as our ship leaves Malaysia.

Our ship leaving Malaysia

Coming up next:  Legend of the Seas Asian Cruise Day 3 at Phuket, Thailand! biggrin

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