From Singapore With Love

Hello everyone! It has been a while since my last post here. I missed the blogging world! You might have been wondering what happened to me recently. Well, these past months have been very overwhelming to me. A lot of things happened and a lot of things have changed in my life. Though I’m a self-confessed travel addict and would go any length to explore new territories, there are still other things that I want to achieve aside from traveling. And since I traveled a lot last year and enjoyed to the fullest, I told myself that this year I would try to focus more on career and personal growth. (hehe sana lang magawa ko)

I actually did a home-based job after graduating from college. And even though the pay was enough to support my travels, I felt that I had to go out of my cocoon and start learning about the outside world. That’s why I was busy job hunting the past months and having job interviews. Fortunately, after a month of undergoing the stressful life of a job applicant, I finally landed a job in a company. I’m now an official office girl. hehe. But nope, not in Singapore (I only had a trip to Singapore that’s why it’s the title of this post). I got a new job in Manila.

Vang Vieng, Laos on my desktop

Needless to say, I left my precious hometown and moved to Manila to start living independently. I’m still on the process of adjusting until now. But life in Manila is still so different from the life in the province. I have yet to adjust to the fast-paced life, traffic and a lot more. One of my struggles is I don’t have a stable internet connection in my dorm that’s why I couldn’t update my blog regularly as before.I’m really glad that I finally got the time to write today.

A week before my work starts, I flew into Singapore for a vacation (huling hirit bago mag-start sa work hehe biggrin). This was actually my second time in Singapore as I also went to Singapore last year for my Asian Cruise which you can read here. But this trip was extra special because I traveled with my friends. It’s actually my first time to travel in a foreign country with friends.

I was really excited for this trip but I knew for the fact that the Philippine immigration officials are now very strict for Filipinos going to Singapore. I knew that they are particularly being strict to young female travelers who might have the tendency to look for a job in Singapore. With no authenticated invitation letter and no company ID on hand during that time, I was really nervous for my friend and I when we were at the airport. I prepared our printed itinerary, hotel bookings, return ticket and show money. I also oriented my friend on what to say just in case the immigration officials questioned us.

Our flight would depart from NAIA Terminal 3 at  4:50pm via Airphil Express. We bought the ticket during a promo (roundtrip fare Php6,062/pax). Thankfully, everything went well in the immigration. The official just asked me what I will do in Singapore, my job and how many days I will stay in Singapore. I guess, they didn’t ask us much since we would be staying only for three full days in Singapore. Our plane touched down in Singapore at 8:20pm. One bonus of flying via Airphil Express is that you would arrive at Terminal 2 of Changi International Airport unlike other budget airlines that would arrive at the Budget Terminal. Thus, you could see the grandiose interior of Terminal 2.

Singapore the second time around (with my friend Haru)

Our friends based in Singapore waited for us at the arrival area. We then took the sky train to go to the newly constructed Terminal 3. If I considered Terminal 2 to be already grandiose, I was much more wowed by the interior of Terminal 3. Terminal 3 was opened to the public in 2008 and its interior architecture won the Honour Award from the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA).

Changi International Airport Terminal 3

 Green Wall photo from here

It even has a “Green Wall” that was designed to regulate the internal temperature and occasional misting of the terminal. (Ang bongga talaga ng airport nila hehe biggrin) So in case you still have lots of free time upon arrival in the airport or before your flight leaves, I really encourage you to visit Terminal 3 of Changi International Airport. You would be really impressed by the elegantly designed terminal.

Our friends based in Singapore treated us over a delicious dinner at Earle Swensen’s also located in Terminal 3. I strongly recommend this restaurant. It has a free salad buffet bar if you order one of their rice meals. I’m not really into salads but Earle Swensen’s salad bar changed my perception toward salads. Their salad tasted sooo good!

Thanks a lot to my friends for the hearty dinner. I was so full after this mrgreen. The next day we woke up early to start exploring the city. Our friends based in Singapore took a leave from their work to accompany us. We really owe them big time. They became our tour guide all throughout our stay in Singapore, so unlike my previous travels abroad I didn’t need to prepare my itinerary and figure out how to go from one place to another. Our first stop was Sentosa Island. It is a famous island resort in Singapore that is visited by millions of tourist every year. I guess this place is a must-not-be-missed destination for every travelers visiting Singapore.

(Note: Some photos were borrowed from my friend Haru)

Welcome to Sentosa! 

Yup, there's a beach in Singapore 🙂

We thank God for giving us a fine weather when we went to Sentosa. There are so many activities to do in the island. We tried the the Luge that most Filipinos might read Lu-geh at first, meaning bankrupt in Tagalog. hehe biggrin. The luge is actually a sled that you will ride down a steep hill. One ride costs 12.50 SGD per person(Php 412.50). It was my first time to try this so I was really excited. We first rode a chair lift to bring us up to the starting point. The view from the lift was really beautiful.

When it was already our turn we sat down on our luge and listened to the staff’s instruction. He said that we should pull the front of the luge towards us if we want to move faster and we should release it if we want to stop. My friends went off first and I was left struggling on my luge. The Singaporean staff approached me and helped me. He asked which country I came from and I said Philippines. He then said “Hila! Hila!” I was really surprised and I couldn’t help but laugh. And thankfully I was able to move my luge. I guess they often meet Filipino tourists that’s why they already became familiar with some Filipino words.

The luge was very fun and you would feel the adrenaline rush as you go down the hill. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take some photos because it’s dangerous to hold your camera while on the luge. But this was such an unforgettable experience and I would definitely try it again if given a chance next time. After Sentosa, we took the MRT to see the Fountain of Wealth. We only have three full days in Singapore so we want to maximize every minute of our stay here. biggrin

My friend Haru at Vivo City

The Fountain of Wealth - the world's largest fountain

The Fountain of Wealth is located in Suntec City and it is hailed as the world’s largest fountain. We walked to the Merlion Park afterwards and we were welcomed by the remarkable landscape of Singapore’s skyscrapers.

We were fortunate to go here just before dusk because we could witness the scenery as  the city transforms from daytime to nighttime. I assure you that Singapore is such a fantastic place to see at night.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Merlion Park

Being such a vibrant, clean and organize city, who wouldn’t love Singapore? It’s like your dream city where rules are strictly followed and implemented.  I’m glad because I was given a chance to visit this country again. And just like the first time I went here, Singapore never fails to amaze me. It’s truly a lovely city full of delights and wonders.


26 comments on “From Singapore With Love

  1. Sony Fugaban says:

    Another beautiful adventure/trip there, Lovely. Envy starts to creep again as I was making this comment … You know why 😦

    Anyway, I’m happy for your new job. The bustles of the city is truly a big deal so I have a clear picture of how you’re still groping in the dark at the moment. Nonetheless, a smart girl like you will definitely consider that as s piece of cake in a a week or two. Welcome to the metropolis!

    Thank you for bringing me with you to Singapore via this post 🙂


    The photos are visually entertaining!

    • Thank you for the thoughtful words Sony! And like you said, I’m gradually adjusting in my new life here as time goes by. Though I have yet to learn a lot of directions to go around the metro 😀

      And you don’t have to be envious because I know that you could travel overseas too someday 🙂 With your love and passion for travel, I knew that there are a lot of territories that you will be able to explore someday. I think I should be one who must feel envious because you got featured in Freshly Pressed! hehe. That’s an award to be treasured for a lifetime 😀 So keep it up my friend! More power and God bless you!

  2. vin says:

    nice blog entry for a big comeback lovely! enjoy your new job here in manila 🙂

    • Hi Vin! Thank you so much 😀 I’m really glad that I was able to write once again. I’ll try my best to still update my blog from time to time. And yeah, so far, I’m enjoying my new job though it’s quite stressful. Anyway, feeling ko lahat naman ng trabaho ay stressful. hehe.

      Btw, I’m looking forward to read your posts about your trip to Laos and Nong Khai. I hope you had a wonderful trip. Cheers! 😀

  3. Ishmael Ahab says:

    Wow, you are now in Manila. I am somewhere in Manila too. It is possible that we bumped on each other without knowing. 😛

    Anyways, God bless to your new job. You can do it. And traveling to Singapore is a good thing that you did. Stressful din ang magtrabaho eh, lalo na yung traffic sa Metro Manila.

    Singapore is great city. However, some of their government policies, especially on population control, is causing their doom.

    • Hi Ishmael! Yeah, we might have bumped on each other without knowing. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t really recognize you by any chance since I haven’t seen your photo. hehe. But just in case you will recognize me, please feel free to approach me. I think it’ll be fun to meet blogger friends face to face. haha 😀

      And yeah, I agree about the traffic. Good thing I chose a dorm near my office. I didn’t know na may mga problema din pala ang government ng Singapore. Hope they would be able to resolve it soon.

      Thanks a lot Ishmael! More power! 😀

      • Ishmael Ahab says:

        Sure! Kapag nakita kita (and Ihope I can remember your face), I will say “hi”

        Ingat ka sa trabaho and welcome to Manila! Sana hindi ka naapektuhan masyado ng storm surge ni Pedring.

        God bless ye.

        Yung problema ng Singapore? Mahirapan sila ayusin ‘yun. It requires that Singaporeans take a 180 degrees turn pagdating sa outlook sa buhay.

  4. john tugano says:’ve been so busy even you’re away from the blogging world..A warm welcome to you my friend I hope you can still blog often even you have a job now to focus on.

    Nice trip I wish someday I can visit Singapore too..

    • Hello John! Thanks for the warm welcome 🙂 Yeah, how I wish I could still blog often amid my busy schedule, because blogging is just something that you would always miss doing 😀

      Don’t worry, you’re still young so I know that you can get to Singapore someday too 🙂 Thanks for dropping by my friend! Cheers!

  5. Jane says:

    Hello Best! I’m glad you’re back in doing travel blogs. First, I want to commend you for having the courage to explore the outside world even though you are well paid in your first job. That means more people to meet and connect in your area.

    I am also amazed to see these pictures because it reminded me of my Asian travel way back 2008. Singapore had many changes and it’s far way better than the scenery we saw before. I think it’s more vibrant and appealing now. I see why more tourists are attracted to their places.

    Well, I hope I can visit Singapore once again and witness the lights at night because that is something I wasn’t able to do on my former trip. ^_^,

    • Hi best! haha. Thanks a lot for the sweet message 😀 It’s true that Singapore has more tourist attractions now compared before. I hope you can visit the city once again so you can witness the changes.

      And hey we’ll soon be having our out of town trip! Super excited na ko! 😀

  6. aney says:

    Ang saya namn! Hope matuloy kami sa singapore next year!

    • Hi Aney! Thanks for dropping by 😀 I visited your blog too and I enjoyed reading your out of town trips. Sana nga matuloy kayo sa Singapore. I know mag-eenjoy din kayo ng sobra dun! Enjoy your trip and more power! 😀

  7. chyngreyes says:

    welcome back! as always, the way you blogged your trip is very pleasant .
    care to share your online job? gusto ko ng sideline..hehe

    congrats on your new job. super good luck sa morning rush! ^_^

    • Thank you Chyng! I was actually an ESL teacher before. Nagtuturo ng English sa mga Japanese online. hehe. Fun naman sya kasi mababait naman ang mga Japanese tapos wala ka pang gastos kasi nasa bahay ka lang at kelangan mo lang ng computer at internet. I did that for more than a year. Actually, hanggang ngayon nagtuturo pa din ako pag may free time ako sa weekend. Super helpful talaga pag may sideline job lalo na sa mga kagaya nating adik sa travels. hehe 😀

      I’m also glad you’re back on the road Chyng! Looking forward to read more of your travel adventures! 😀

  8. Sony Fugaban says:

    Lovely, I shared with you The Versatile Blogger Award for being able to transport your readers to where you are at through your photos and travel stories.


    • Wow Sony, this is such a great honor! Thank you very much for sharing this award with me. I was really touched hehe! 😀

      It’s even more special because it came from you. You know that I’m also a fan of your amazing travel adventures. A million thanks to you Sony! God bless and more power! 😀

  9. I remember our luge ride was a lot of fun too although the photos were a bit of a rif off.

    • Hi Miss Claire! I agree that the photos taken during the ride were expensive. Though my friends and I wanted to buy the photos from their shop, we just decided not to buy them because of the price.

      Bawal at nakakatakot din kasi kumuha ng pictures habang nakasakay sa luge kaya hindi na din namin nagamit yung digicams namin. Sayang nga eh. hehe.

      Thanks for stopping by Miss Claire! Cheers to more travel stories! 😀

  10. Ed says:

    Hi Lovely,

    galing ng Singapore trip mo, nasulit mo talaga! and angaling ng Terminal 3. kaka amaze! I noticed you were taking a leave sa blogging world. But baliktad tayo. I’m actually transitioning to leaving the corporate environment soon so I can travel and take my work with me. Hopefully, matutuloy. good luck to us! and congrats on your new job! Career woman ka na ngayon! 😀

    • hehe Thanks Ed! Yeah, I’m enjoying my life now as a career woman though I really miss the flexible schedule that I used to have before. Ngayon kasi I can only travel during the weekends kaya ang hirap mag-book sa Cebu Pacific piso fare. Una kasing nauubos yung mga flights sa weekend.

      Medyo bihira na nga akong makapagsulat ngayon because I’m really busy but I still try to write whenever I have a free time. It’s great to hear that you are planning to travel full-time soon. Kainggit naman! hehe. But I really wish you all the best. That means we would be hearing more awesome travel stories from you. Goodluck Ed! More power and thank you for dropping by! 😀

  11. shaz gepana says:

    dream city ko rin ang singapore ❤

    nice shots *.*

    i'm graduating na rin. still confuse if saan ako mg wowork, dito lang sa province namin or manila..

  12. Just recently posted my singapore blog for budget travelers. Hope you can check it out and recommend to your friends on a budget trip!

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