Do You Know?

Tubbataha Reef photo from here

Do you know that the Philippines is home to at least 4,951 species of marine plants and animals? With a vast number of marine species some scientists have claimed the Philippine Seas as the world’s center of marine biodiversity.

Whale Shark in Sorsogon photo from here

However, though the Philippines is richly blessed with its marine environment, it’s saddening that there are still people who abuse our marine resources out of personal greediness. I mean, who wouldn’t feel infuriated after knowing that coral reefs twice the size of Manila was destroyed because of poachers who have been harvesting endangered coral reefs and sea turtles in Mindanao. Please see the news below from

Coral reefs twice size of Manila destroyed

Poachers ‘rape’ seas off Cotabato


2:42 am | Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

MANILA, Philippines—The crime was described as “the rape of the ocean.”

Poachers decimated an entire “reef complex”—almost twice as big as Manila—off the coast of Cotabato province when they harvested more than 21,000 pieces of black coral and killed 161 endangered turtles and other marine life, officials said Tuesday.

One of the turtles killed was a male aged 80 to 100 years old.

Bureau of Customs officials intercepted the contraband two weeks ago and recovered 134 bundles, or 21,169 pieces, of “sea fan” black corals and 15 bundles, or 196 kilograms, of “sea whip” black corals.

You can continue reading the news here.

I was really stunned when I heard the news. And I was even more surprised when I found out that violators of the Fisheries Code of 1998 that prohibits the selling of corals, have a fine of only Php 2,000 to Php 20,000 and only six months to two years imprisonment. I mean, really? A fine of only Php 2,000 to Php 20,000? A lifetime wouldn’t even be enough to bring back all the endangered coral reefs and animals they have destroyed. I think it is about time for our senators to revise and make more effective laws.

It really saddens me whenever I hear stories of people who recklessly exploit our marine environment to gain profit. I bet that their hearts have already been hardened by their selfish desires to become rich. If we want our future grand children and great grand children to still witness the beauty of our Philippine Seas, let us all do our part to protect and take care of our marine environment while it’s not yet too late. Let’s become more vigilant and make sure that the court case of those poachers in Mindanao wouldn’t be left unclosed.

Moreover, let us always remember every time we go to the seas that it’s still their world…

photo from here

and we are the invaders. So let us not harm them and we should always strive to protect them.

photo from here

This post was written to contribute to the Blog Action Day to save the Philippine Seas. My post is about one day late but I know I could still make an effort to create awareness to save our seas. Feel free to join as well. 🙂 You can visit the site here.
Save the Philippine Seas!


9 comments on “Do You Know?

  1. Ishmael Ahab says:

    Nakaka disappoint talaga yung nangyayari sa mga dagat natin. Sa lawak kasi ng sakop natin na dagat ay mahirap talaga bantayan kaya yung mga walang galang na poachers na iyan ay nagkakalat ng lagim sa mga dagat ng bansa natin.

    • True! It was really disappointing. Ang dami pa nilang pinatay na mga pawikan. Grabe lang, I really can’t imagine na may mga taong kayang gumawa nito. At tama ka, isa sa mga dahilan ay sobrang lawak ng karagatan natin tapos kulang pa sa budget kaya nahihirapan ang mga coast guard na bantayan ito. I really hope na mapurasan ang mga poachers na yun. Thanks for stopping by Ishmael 🙂

  2. john tugano says:

    Hmmn..para na din akong nag dive sa karagatan after seeing this post..I’m just so grateful that God has given us a truly wonderful gift of nature..Pero sayang lang if they’re not taken care of at masama pa pinapatay pa.Nakakalungkot isipin..

    shots mo ba ang mga ito?

    • Hello John! Nope, they are not my shots. Kinuha ko lang sa net. Hindi pa kasi ako nakakapag-scuba diving eh. hehe. Sana nga maalagaan natin ang ating mga karagatan para makita pa sila ng mga ka-apo-apuhan natin someday. Thanks for the comment John! 🙂

  3. ganda ng pics. sana lang panatilihin nila maayos ang karagatan. hope to see that up close!

    • Hi Adventurous Feet! I hope I can see those marine creatures up close too. Sobrang blessed pa naman ang country natin sa marine environment. Thanks for visiting! Your blog is really beautiful and very informative! Keep on traveling! 🙂

  4. I hope everyone gets to read this blog entry. It’s time we take care of our sea! Babalikan din kasi tayo nito in the future. We need to learn to stop while it’s still possible.

  5. […] Swim with the biggest fish in the world- the whale shark in the Philippines (photo from Lovely Adventures) […]

  6. Walter Lim Fabian says:

    Thanks Lovely, for posting this.. Indeed our country has been blessed with so many Natural Wealth oif beautiful places, and our seas are richly endowed with abundant sea (flora and fauna).. It is our eternal responsibility to protect these, not only for us, but for our future generations..take care n God Bless..

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