Asia’s Longest Dual Zipline at Dahilayan Adventure Park, Bukidnon

Wanna fly like superman? Then, head to Dahilayan Adventure Park right away. It’ll surely give you one of the most thrilling adventures you will ever have in your life. We are quite lucky that Asia’s longest dual zipline can be found right inside our country. Dahilayan Adventure Park is situated at Brgy. Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon.

After my trip to Cebu, I visited a college friend who is now living at her hometown in Bukidnon. I stayed for several days at her family’s house in Brgy. Damilag. She told me that I must not miss this zipline adventure in Dahilayan, which is just 30 minutes away from their house. So one morning, she drove us to Dahilayan Adventure Park with some of her other friends. The road to the park was a little bit bumpy but it was all worth it when you finally see the beautiful view from the park. We went to the park in the morning because I heard that many people go there on weekends. So to save time from queuing, we decided it’s best to go here early.

Since its opening in September 2009, Dahilayan Adventure Park has gained increasing popularity. In fact, I’ve heard that KC Concepcion and Sam Milby had just visited the park for a shooting before we went there. There are tons of activities to enjoy in the park and the most popular are their ziplines. They have three ziplines in the park: 320mt + 150mt (Php 250) and 840mt (Php 500). A combination of all three (320mt + 150mt + 840mt) costs Php 600. We availed all the zipzone rides because we wanted to make the most out of our stay here. After the staff had put on our helmet and harness, we were off to go! biggrin

The 320m and 150m ziplines were so much fun! But the main event is their 840m zipline, also known as Asia’s longest dual zipline. We rode the park’s FB van to take us to a higher ground that would be the starting point of the 840m zipline. The 150m and 320m ziplines were nothing compared with the last one. After wearing the gears, I listened carefully as the staff was giving the instructions before they sent us off. He said that I could put my arms on my sides if I want to increase my speed and I could spread my arms wide if I want to slow down my speed. As the staffs prepared to push me, I could already feel my heart thumping wildly against my ribs. I didn’t feel afraid at all at the 150m and 320m ziplines but this one looked really scary! With 4,700 feet above sea level, I knew that if ever my harness would break down, there is no hint of survival. But still I didn’t hesitate to continue. I don’t know, but I’m just one of the daredevils on this earth. mrgreen

I’m the second girl in the picture (If you could still see me biggrin)

I screamed at the top of my lungs at the start but I tried to open my eyes all throughout the ride. I knew I shouldn’t miss such a beautiful scenery. The view was breathtaking. You could see all the pine trees and the picturesque landscapes below you. The ride was scary but so much fun. The speed was about 90 kph so you could feel the adrenaline rush and the cool breeze all around you during the ride. This was indeed one of the most reckless adventures I’ve ever tried. But don’t worry, the ride is guaranteed safe and so far, no casualties have ever been recorded. According to their website, this is safe for every age. Actually, the zipzone has been tried by a 2 year old child and a 77 year old grandpa.

You could buy a certificate with a printed picture for Php 100. After the ride, we treated ourselves over a delicious meal at Pine Grove Mountain Lodge. The restaurant is located just inside the park.

I loved the place because it reminds of the guesthouses in Baguio. The place looks nice and cozy. A meal in the restaurant is perfect after an exhausting day from the zipzone.

After eating, we wanted to try the ATV ride but unfortunately, it rained. So we just asked the manong if it’s okay to take a picture with the atv. And he said, sure. He even lent us a helmet. (Pwede ding pang-profile pic sa facebook mrgreen)

We went home after. But I really had a good time at Dahilayan Adventure Park. I’m surely coming back to this place, if ever I will get the chance to visit Bukidnon again. A Friendly Tip: Since the weather is unpredictable, it’s best to come to the park as early as you can. Moreover, don’t forget to bring your jacket and umbrella.

Dahilayan Adventure Park
Address: Brgy. Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon, Philippines
Contact numbers: (088) 857-2663 local 403/404
Cellphone number: 0922-880-1319
Open everyday from 9:00am-3:00pm

Prices: (Note: the following were copied from the park’s website)


840mt (40kls. – 110 kls. only):   Php 500/pax/ride
320mt + 150mt:   Php 250/pax/ride
All rides (320mt+150mt+840mt):   Php 600/pax/ride

Ropes Course:   Php 200/pax
Wall Climbing:   Php 100/pax
Buggy:   Php 800
ATV:   Php 500
ZORB:   Php 250
Bungy Bounce:   Php 200

TOUR PACKAGES  ** These packages requires MINIMUM OF 10PERSONS 

A. P 1, 200.00 per pax (Ziplining OR Rafting)
– Transportation back & forth Cagayan de Oro/Brgy. Dahilayan or City Proper/Rafting Site
– Lunch & afternoon snacks
– For Zipline: All rides (320mt + 150mt + 840mt), minimum 10 persons
– For Rafting: Advance Rafting (21 rapids), minimum 5 persons
B. P 1, 699.00 per pax
Transportation back & forth Cagayan de Oro/Brgy. Dahilayan & City Proper/Rafting Area
– All rides zipline (320mt + 150mt + 840mt)
– Lunch & snacks (during rafting) and snacks (during zipline)
– 14 rapids Water Rafting (beginners)
C. P 1,999.00 per pax 
– Transportation back & forth Cagayan de Oro/Brgy. Dahilayan & City Proper/Rafting Area
– All rides zipline (320mt + 150mt + 840mt)
– Lunch & snacks (during rafting) and snacks (during zipline)
– 14 rapids Water Rafting (beginners)
– Zorb Ball or Ropes Course
D. P 1, 999.00 per pax 
– Transportation back & forth Cagayan de Oro/Brgy. Dahilayan and City Proper/Rafting Area
– Lunch & afternoon snacks (during ziplining) and lunch & snacks (during rafting)
– All rides on ziplines (320mt + 150mt + 840mt)
– 21 rapids Water Rafting (advance)
***If your group didn’t reach the required minimum number of persons,
please call (088)857-2663 Local 403 or text us at 0922-880-1319

How to Get There:

Rent – A – Van P 3,000.00 (maximum 12pax) : back & forth CdeO to Dahilayan to Cdeo
Sidetrips @ Del Monte Clubhouse/Kawayanun and Etc.: Additional P500.00/Sidetrip/Area
Pick-up: With-in City Proper. If from Airport Additional P500.00
Accredited Zipzone Shuttle: EVERY FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY ONLY
back & forth Cagayan De Oro to Dahilayan to Cagayan De Oro
Pick up Time: 8:30AM- 9:30 AM
Pick up Place: Coffee Works ,Divisoria (outside Xavier University Gymnasium)
Fare: P350.00 per Head (Adult & Kids) back and forth
*** for seat reservation,Please text the ff. details to 0922.880.1319
a.At least one name of the group
b.Contact number
Commute from Anywhere in Cdeo :
–     Ride a TAXI going GUSA Terminal(rate depends on the agreement with the Driver,ranges:150 – 300)
–    From Gusa Terminal , ride a  Jeepney(P40.00) or Van(P50.00) going CAMP PHILIPS
–    From Camp Philips , ride a HABAL2x or Single Motor , P100.00 per Head

Pinegrove Mountain Lodge (Overnight Accommodation)
Room Rates:
Family Room – Php 5,000 (Good for 6 pax, no free breakfast)
Standard Room – Php 2,800 (Good for 2 pax, with free breakfast for 2 people)
Deluxe Room – Php 3,200 (Good for 3 pax, with free breakfast for 2 people only)
Extra Bed – Php 500 (no free breakfast)

Saddle Ridge Camp (Overnight Accommodation)
(We took a picture of this ad that we saw at Dahilayan Park. This one might be cheaper)
For inquiries please just text the cell numbers written in the picture:
09209615136 / 09228844856 / 09285504945


13 comments on “Asia’s Longest Dual Zipline at Dahilayan Adventure Park, Bukidnon

  1. chyng says:

    wow, new blog layout! mas cute!
    i had fun doing this zipline too, scary at 1st (specially yung longest one) pero ansaya!

    • Lovely says:

      Thanks Chyng! Nagpalit ulit ako ng layout ko but I’m planning to stick to this one 🙂 True, enjoy talaga yung zipline, lalo na yung last. Ang ganda ganda nung view habang nasa taas ka. Feeling mo lumilipad ka. Ang sarap nga ulitin eh. I wanna go back there if ever I’ll have the chance to visit Bukidnon again. 🙂

      • amie says:

        wow it is so nice the zipline its so nice i love ur place me and my family are planning to visit in dahilayan when we go in philipines,i love philipines and i love dahilayan this coming april 1 wre going in dahilayan with my best friend coco martine the famous actor in philipines get ready dahilayan 🙂

  2. Grabe lovely napakainformative ng blog. Very useful for travelers. Inggit na naman ako. There’s so many places that I should visit!!!!! Waaah 🙂 Galing ng blog mo.:)

    • hehe Thanks Haru! I’m sure madami ka ding places na mavi-visit lalo na ngayon at may blog ka na 🙂 Hindi ko pa nga nabo-blog yung Enchanted Kingdom at Nuvali natin eh. Hehe. Gala ulit tayo next time 🙂

  3. Jane says:

    Hello Best! I think this is one of my favorites in your blogs. Panalo ang zipline!!! Di ko ata kaya yun. Haha. Aside from the cool pictures, this post is very informative to the readers. I’m sure anyone who has the heart to travel can be convinced to visit Bukidnon. Maganda pla d2 and mukhang puno ng adventures. ♥♥♥

  4. juyjuy says:

    Was it your mom who took the picture of you and your friends? It’s the last picture before the contact details of Dahilayan. It’s so nice!

  5. Cling Llanes says:

    oh my gulay…just the reading alone makes me wanna jump off to BUKIDNON and got some ghost bumps here imagining myself for the ride…Id really like to try the 840mtrs ride atleast once in my lifetime…we will be home soon! Thanks for a wonderful blog!

  6. angel says:

    yung shuttle ba pwedi masakyan nang 5person lang or 3 or need na maximum of 10 person ???

  7. angel says:

    thanks 🙂

  8. angelkier says:

    Hello.. Ask lang po, anu bang pwedeng sakyan from Manolo fortich to Dahilayan? pwede ba kameng magrent ng cab or car? dalawa po kame

  9. girl says:

    thanks, very helpful

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