Coconut Festival – San Pablo City

San Pablo City, more popularly known as the City of Seven Lakes, is one of the 30 towns of Laguna Province. It lies 88 kilometers south  from Manila, travel time is approximately 2 hours by bus. But apart from its picturesque lakes, my hometown also has its vibrant annual feast called the Coconut Festival. The city hailed its festival from the coconut because it’s one of the main sources of livelihood of the locals. Copra making is a major industry in the city and coconut plantations are almost everywhere. Hence, San Pablo is a great place to have a taste of coconut delicacies such as buko pie, coconut jam and macapuno candies.

Every January 15th, San Pablo City celebrates its fiesta. And being a Filipino, the word fiesta means a big time celebration. It means endless eating, dancing and partying. Every night the streets in the plaza are closed and many tables and chairs are placed on the streets. Stages are built almost in every block where different bands perform. The locals drink and party up until dawn.  Moreover, days before the fiesta the locals and tourists from neighboring towns gather on the street for the much awaited street dancing competition also known as the Mardi Gras. Students from different schools compete and  groove into the streets on their beautiful and colorful costumes.

My friends and I at the plaza

My favorite! (pig's intestine)


13 comments on “Coconut Festival – San Pablo City

  1. Colorful photos. It would have been better if the Street Dancing was like when it started many years ago where dancers actually danced on the street but the guests enjoyed it. See you all next year!

    • Hello! Thanks for dropping by! I agree with you. Nagulat nga ako kasi pagkatapos nila sumayaw dun sa stage hindi na sila sumasayaw. It’s really different way back before. When I joined the mardi gras when I was in elementary, we really danced all the way. Buti nalang binanggit ni Sol Aragones na sumayaw na sila even before makadating sila sa stage. Kaya lumipat kami ng mother ko sa kabilang side ng street to see them dance. See you next year! 🙂

  2. argh! I wish I could’ve read this last week. lapet lng ng San Pablo dito samen. isang bus lng yan. I wanna attend festivals too like this.

    • Hi Gael! Malapit ka lang pala dito samin. Sayang… Sana makapunta ka next year 🙂 Medyo madami nga lang tao pero worth it naman makipagsiksikan 🙂 Thanks for dropping by Gael! Sana matuloy yung trip mo sa Batanes 🙂

  3. pinoy boy says:

    wow! oo nga okay pala sa San Pablo. i want to check it out. colorful and festive! ganyan ang trip ko! he he nice!

    • Yes, you should drop by here sometimes. Especially during the fiesta, you won’t get bored! You might as well visit the seven lakes or Villa Escudero if you will visit San Pablo. hehe 🙂

  4. Ishmael Ahab says:

    Hello there. Akala ko foreigner ka. 🙂

    Just want to thank you for dropping by my blog (on my blog post about Mactan hotels) and leaving a comment.

    Hindi pa ako nagagawi d’yan sa San Pablo, Laguna. Mas madalas nga lang ako sa Santa Rosa, Laguna.

    Hope to visit San Pablo in the future.

    • Hello Ishmael! Thank you also for dropping by 🙂 I found your site really helpful and informative. Hehe… Kala mo pala foreigner ako. Parehas pala tayong taga-Laguna. I have a friend in Santa Rosa and mahilig ako mag-EK kaya minsan nagagawi ako dyan sa inyo. Ang sarap mag-starbucks dun sa Nuvali hehe.

  5. Edward says:

    Nice one, Lovely. 🙂

  6. SUMESH says:

    i am from kerala, GODS OWN COUNTRY, The land of coconut. happy to view all the pics you posted. great festival.

  7. Richelle says:

    wow so very colorful,fantastic,creative…………………… ❤

  8. Rymie says:

    Your festival is very courageous and some pics are children have a guba sleeper sa buy some of it

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