Taiwan: Taipei City

At Taipei 101

Since I lived in Kaohsiung City during my 5-month stay in Taiwan, I had not seen much of Taipei. That’s why I was really excited when my brother told me that we would go to Taipei to give me a tour around the city. I was really looking forward to explore Taiwan’s capital city. And just like what I saw in some advertisement, I would agree that Taiwan truly touches your heart because every new place you visit has so much things to offer. I would describe Taipei as a big metropolitan city. There are more people  compared to Kaohsiung City. Furthermore, there are much more skyscrapers especially at the downtown area. We only stayed in Taipei for two days so let me just give you the highlights of my trip.


1) Taipei 101. I guess for anyone who wants to visit Taipei City, Taipei 101 is a must see destination. It was once the tallest building in the world before the opening of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. This was the first spot we visited when we arrived in Taipei. Taipei 101 is the symbol of the growth of the Taiwanese economy. I went up to the tower even though there was a long line of tourists. I paid 400 NT (P 563) for the entrance fee and I was able to bring my 5-year-old niece for free when I went there last March. Anyway, the beautiful view up the tower and the experience to get on to their super fast elevator were already worth the price.

Taipei 101 (got the aerial shot from here: http://www.news.vnu.edu.vn)

My niece at the observation deck

There was a festival when we went there

2) National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. This hall was built in memory of Chiang Kai-shek, the former president of Taiwan. I really liked this place because of the remarkable structures of the buildings. I found this place more cultural. It shows the old Chinese architecture amidst the modernized city of Taipei.

With my brother’s family

3) The Presidential Office Building. This serves as the office of the President of Taiwan. It is located in Zhongzheng District in Taipei. This became the official presidential office after Taiwan (Republic of China) separated from Mainland China.

The Presidential Office

4) Taipei Zoo. If you want to see a giant panda then you should definitely visit this zoo. Taipei zoo is currently the largest zoo in Asia. It is located at Muzha, the southeastern part of Taipei City.Unfortunately, it rained and it was freezing cold when we went there so we decided not to go inside the zoo anymore. However, I searched for a picture of the giant panda on the net to show you what you could see inside the zoo.

The Giant Panda at Taipei Zoo (got the pic from this site: http://en.wikipedia.org)
It was early March and yet it was freezing cold in Taipei

5) National Palace Museum. If you are interested in Chinese history, then the National Palace Museum is a must see destination for you. It is a huge art museum in Taiwan that contains a large collection of ancient artifacts dated back from the Neolithic age to the Qing Dynasty. According to wikipedia, this museum was the 11th most visited art museum in the world in 2009. Due to time constraints because we only spent 2 days in Taipei, we didn’t go inside the museum anymore. We only had a picture taking outside the museum 😀 .

National Palace Museum top view from http://en.wikipedia.org
Outside the Museum. Nakasama namin si lola sa pic hehe 🙂

6) Danshui. Finally, our last stop was at Danshui Township. This is a sea-side town in Taipei County. This place is popular for watching the sunset in Taipei. I loved this place not only because of the beautiful view of the sea but also I found the town itself  really amusing. We found some cute shops beside the sea. Moreover, there are so many things to buy in Danshui including native delicacies, souvenirs, clothes, shoes etc. I recommend this place if you want a glimpse of the sea in Taipei and buy different kinds of stuffs at the same time.

My sister-in-law

Danshui Township

Bear shop

Found these cute hats

Starbucks overlooking the sea at Danshui


6 comments on “Taiwan: Taipei City

  1. pinoy boy says:

    Good job featuring Taipei’s highlights. i am currently researching where i can travel next for about four days, and Taiwan seems like an awesome country to go to.

  2. Hello Pinoy boy! 🙂 Thanks for dropping by at my blog again 🙂 I assure you that Taiwan is a great country to visit. Taipei is a beautiful city and the foods are really delicious! I’ll try posting more about Taiwan. All the best to your travels! I’m looking forward to read your upcoming posts 🙂

  3. yogesh says:

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  4. Crystal Angelie says:

    Hello sis, I also want to study abroad. Can u give me some of your experiences, the benefits, and the costs of studying in Taiwan?

  5. Basooma James says:

    This is beautiful, i would love to be there one day

  6. Basooma James says:

    I need some one to help me get to taiwan

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