Cambodia and Vietnam Day 7: Last Day

Pretending to be Kim hehe

It’s now the last day of my Cambodia and Vietnam trip and I didn’t want to go home yet. I enjoyed this trip so much that I didn’t want to go back to Manila and return to reality. This one week had passed  so rapidly but each day brought unique and wonderful memories that  I would always treasure. Words are not enough to describe this trip. The beauty of each places I’ve seen, the lives of all people I’ve witnessed. It’s really difficult to write all of them. Words aren’t enough to describe them. So as for my last day, I just spent it for shopping and walking around the city. I just wanna make the most out of my last glimpse of Saigon for this year (Hopefully, I could still go back here in the future and I really wanna go back 🙂 ). Our flight back to Manila was at midnight so we started our shopping early in the morning. My mom and I went to Ben Thanh Market which is a big market that is popular among tourists. It was only a walking distance from our hotel that was located in Pham Ngu Lao, known as the backpackers’ area. You could buy a lot of things in the market though you should learn how to bargain. Moreover, some vendors there were very persistent. They would really hold your arms and never let you go until you buy from them. Hehe. I saw a Miss Saigon t-shirt and bought it right away because I’m a big fan of Lea Salonga  🙂 .

Ben Thanh Market

Coffee powders

Of course before leaving, I dropped by to their famous Highlands Coffee. It’s located just in front of Ben Thanh Market. There’s also another one at the backpackers’ area. In all fairness, their coffee tasted really good although the prices were much like Starbucks. I really love Vietnamese coffee! It’s one of the things I would definitely miss in Vietnam.  On my last day  in Vietnam, I think all I did was drinking coffee all day long. I feel so lucky I didn’t end up having caffeine intoxication.

At Highlands Coffee

I would definitely miss the foods!

Saigon Beer, Vietnamese Coffee and Vietnamese Pepsi


A Vintage Car and a Cyclo on the streets of Saigon

We already went to the airport by around 5pm. It’s better to be early than late. And that’s my last day in Vietnam. I would really wanna go back again!  🙂 .

Our plane back to Manila


One comment on “Cambodia and Vietnam Day 7: Last Day

  1. Mei Bicomong says:

    hi. your blog about Cambodia and Vietnam is a big help. Would just like to know how were you able to book for the 4days-3 nights trip, I’ve checked the website and I’m having a hard time looking for the package that you have acquiredl. what time does the tour(4D/3N) starts? lastly, upon arriving at the airport, do they allow people to wait there till 6am?and how many minutes from airport to the office of Sinhtourist? thanks so much.

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